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Videos Faster Than Ever!

Posted by debbyhohler Apr 30, 2015

Here’s a great blog post we wanted to share from CoachGuitar on how they sped up worldwide access to their lesson videos.

For 10 years ICV Digital Media, a business-to-business video production company has  leveraged the Limelight Orchestrate Delivery platform to stream live events around the globe and provide online content to clients spanning multiple industries from healthcare, real estate, technology and everything in between.

“Failure is not an option when streaming live events - whether it’s a sensitive all-hands meeting, a corporate training session, or multiple simultaneous conference presentations,” said Darren Angus, founding partner. “Limelight enables us to offer flexible customized solutions that help our clients consistently and reliably communicate to their audiences around the globe, as well as build their businesses online through engaging web properties.”


Is your company streaming live events? If so, what is the biggest challenge you face when live streaming?


Read our press release here to learn more.

To view a case study on ICV Digital Media click here.

When looking for a new home where do you start?  If you’re like most home hunters you probably turn to online and mobile tools to view and learn about properties. To help buyers find their next home on any device anywhere, Rightmove the U.K.’s number one property website implemented Limelight’s content delivery network.

“Images are critical to give people an idea of what a property looks like, what kind of features it has, and most importantly, the ability to picture themselves living in the property,” said Tim Harding, head of operations at Rightmove. “Limelight delivers the functionality, scalability, and multi-device delivery capabilities to support our continued growth. The technical knowledge, integration support, and overall responsiveness we receive from Limelight are superb. Everything about the engagement has been fast and easy, from our initial introduction to the final implementation.”

Read our press release here to learn more.

To view a case study on Rightmove click here.

The market is flush with security solutions promising to protect businesses from DDoS attacks. So why bother developing a new one?


After speaking with content providers across industries, we identified some common (and troublesome) pitfalls of available solutions:


  • DDoS protection services are often architected to react to DDoS attacks after they hit, rather than avoiding the pain altogether
  • Solutions that are not performance-minded can degrade performance, especially in "peacetime"
  • Premise-based solutions have the potential to require significant up front CAPEX
  • Some mitigation solutions are a ‘black box’ that do not provide critical real-time insight


These pitfalls are more than an annoyance; they can cost businesses precious dollars in lost revenue and ongoing maintenance fees, and create a significant distraction to high-value employees’ time.


Limelight developed DDoS Attack Interceptor as part of the Orchestrate 3.0 platform upgrade to mitigate the growing DDoS threat… without compromising business objectives.


Organizations that deploy DDoS Attack Interceptor have a significant advantage over organizations that deploy standard market solutions:


1. Proactive detection to avoid downtime (not just recovery)

Obviously, detection is critical to a strong DDoS solution. If you cannot detect an attack, how can you protect against it? DDoS Attack Interceptor is one of the smartest solutions out there. Always-on detection at the edge can see an attack before it hits. Additionally, behavior-based techniques can trap application attacks that are more subtle and can’t be spotted by simply monitoring traffic volumes.  After all, a flash crowd after a viral advertisement may look very much like a DDoS attack unless you view them through a behavior-based lens.


2. High website and application performance

No business wants to risk downtime. While a DDoS attack can bring you down for hours, the performance delays caused by always-on scrubbing solutions add up as well—slower web site performance that can translate directly into lower audience engagement. Unfortunately, “always-on” scrubbing solutions commonly force traffic through a small number of data centers to scrub in-line. Limelight detection satisfies our customers’ always-on requirement without the peacetime performance penalty that many solutions impose.


3. Scalable cloud capacity

Using a cloud-based solution for detection and mitigation provides sufficient capacity to fight the largest of attacks without requiring customers to invest in installing and maintaining on-premise hardware.  And it has the added benefit of preventing bill shock that can result from attack traffic which if "absorbed" by a CDN (rather than diverted to scrubbing), could cause an unusually high CDN bill.


4. Real-time attack insight

In today’s online world, real-time information is critical to decision making. In the event of an attack, Limelight customers see exactly what kind of attack is going on, how large the attack is, and how it is being mitigated. A post-attack summary provides a permanent record of what happened.


Customers count on CDNs like Limelight Networks to keep content online no matter what—even when the content is under attack. But it should never come at the cost of the business. DDoS Attack Interceptor is a new kind of security solution, meant to protect your content cost-effectively at all times without sacrificing performance.


Questions? I am eager to hear about your experiences with DDoS Attacks and what security challenges you expect to face this year. Reach me at

The newly released Orchestrate 3.0 platform makes it easier than ever to deliver your content globally, ensuring that files are available whenever users need to access them. Everywhere.


But what happens when you need to remove that content from user access? What happens when you need to manage content once it has been cached? What happens when you need to execute a purge?


Suppose you publish something by mistake, or need to update large amounts of content, or have file names that remain the same but the content within them changes regularly? Suppose you find yourself in a situation like Netflix recently did when  Season 3 of House of Cards was mistakenly leaked. Damage control can be a nightmare in those situations.


That’s why the ability to purge content immediately, worldwide, is critical.


Most CDNs will advise you to do one of the following:

  • Set a lower TTL to force refresh checks, which can hurt performance
  • Purge content laboriously, one URL at a time
  • Evict objects from cache and wait hours to see results


At Limelight, we could also give you that advice. But you need technology that is useful to your business—not more frustration or steps in your workflow.


SmartPurge is our latest innovation, a component of the Orchestrate 3.0 platform.


Our product team specifically architected SmartPurge to execute your purges rapidly and at global scale in seconds.


Regardless of where your users are, SmartPurge stops stale content from being served to them right away. You can target files by URL or target groups of files and even whole directories. Programmatic caching options give you more control while improving business operations.


You get assurance that when you submit a purge request, content is removed from the user’s path right away, saving you operational headaches and adverse revenue impact.


View my Introducing SmartPurge video >

smjpurge video.png


I am excited to share the technical details of how SmartPurge technology works. Follow my blog for more detail such as how to replace RegEx with patterns in SmartPurge, or download the SmartPurge brief for more.


And be sure to check out Dan Rayburn’s review of SmartPurge over at

World Zombination - 13,116

True Skate - 1,645,078

My Talking Tom - 17,171,583*


That’s right - casual gamers have made over 17 million videos of themselves playing My Talking Tom and posted them on  How do I know?  Because I have the popular app loaded on my phone, of course, where I can watch videos, share videos, and yes, download the game itself while I’m watching the video. Tencent-backed Kamcord and Amazon-owned Twitch are examples of the fast growing business of online gaming communities. To be in the gaming business today means understanding the video sharing and live-action viewing of games is becoming as important as the play side. 


So what does all this have to do with Limelight’s Orchestrate 3.0?  In 2014 Limelight introduced its Multi-Device Media Delivery (MMD) for video on demand - enabling companies to send broadcast quality video to any device including tablets and phones.  Now in 2015, Orchestrate 3.0 introduces live streaming to any device, anywhere.  So you can tune into an e-sports tournament and watch the action live on your phone, delivered to your phone service provider by one of the world’s fastest content delivery networks.  Equally important, Orchestrate 3.0 Storage solutions make storing and delivering all those videos (Kamcord claims over 2Billion have been posted so far on their site) faster, and more economical.  With Orchestrate’s object-based Storage, huge quantities of meta-data about your video get stored with it, making it easier and faster to manage a global workflow. 


Gaming companies that are investing in their video delivery infrastructure can click on and learn how their video quality of experience can continue to scale, no matter how many millions of  videos their gamers share.


*Videos on as of 3/27/15