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Neustar, based in Sterling, Virginia, is a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services and security solutions to protect against the serious threat of expanding Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.  DDoS attacks have become more prominent and Neustar’s DDoS service is an important component to protect an organization’s mission-critical digital infrastructure.  Working together, Neustar and Limelight are creating the largest global distributed DDoS mitigation network.


“As DDoS attacks have become increasingly powerful and prevalent, it is critical for organizations to invest in a solution that can outpace its attackers. We selected Limelight based on their impressive global infrastructure, technology and people. The relationship demonstrates our joint commitment to securely manage, distribute and protect digital content distribution around the world.”

- Lisa Hook, chief executive officer at Neustar.


“As a global leader in digital content delivery, Limelight is excited to be working with Neustar to help them build out the world’s largest DDoS mitigation network. The scale and scope of the Limelight platform and the technology of Neustar will produce a security solution to easily handle the world’s largest DDoS attacks. We believe with Neustar’s industry knowledge and Limelight’s network capabilities, we will be able to uniquely address the market needs.”

- Bob Lento, chief executive officer at Limelight


To read more details, here are links to the Limelight press release and Neustar’s press release.

SmartPurge has been specifically architected to execute purges rapidly, at global scale, so you can be confident that your end users are always receiving the most accurate and up-to-date content.


Here are just a few of the benefits SmartPurge offers:

  • Near real-time purging – As soon as a request for purge is received, the purged content will stop being served to the end user.
  • Cache eviction – Any and all copies of purged content are permanently deleted from the Limelight CDN. All requests are sent back to the origin to fetch new content.
  • Configurable purge parameters – Submitting and executing purge commands is simple. You can easily submit patterns instead of regular expressions, thus making the whole process intuitive. The real benefit in using patterns is their flexibility they offer in targeting content easily.


Please review the SmartPurge documentation and FAQ in the Control portal to learn more about its advanced capabilities. For a quick overview of the new purge process, take two minutes now to watch this short how-to video demo.


 The legacy Purge tool and its API that you have been using until now will reach end-of-life status on June 30, 2016. For more information on migrating from purge to SmartPurge, please see the “SmartPurge Migration FAQ” in the Control Support Documentation. We strongly suggest that you start your migration from using legacy Purge to SmartPurge as soon as possible.



Note: If you are a customer with a Control user account, log in to to see the changes outlined below. If you don't yet have an account, simply ask your Limelight Account Manager to help you set one up.


There are a number of differences in the user interface between SmartPurge and the older Purge tool:

  • In the What should be purged section
    • The choices for the Where to purge from option have changed
    • Single Site, Exact URL and Regex are replaced by Published URL
    • All Sites across Account is replaced by Origin URL or Pattern
    • In the Protocol selector, a new option - Both HTTP and HTTPS - is now available
    • In the Published URL field, entering a URL that does not have a matching Origin URL generates only an error message. The option to attempt a purge in this case is no longer available.
    • The Directory field has been eliminated because a directory can now be specified by appending its path to the Published URL.
    • A new option, Include query string, is now available. When this option is selected, query strings are taken into account when matching the contents of the Origin URL or Pattern field.
    • The Add to Queue button is now labeled Add to Purge Request
  • In the Review URLs to Purge section
    • The Account column has been removed because all items in a single purge request are associated with the specified Account (shortname)
    • The What should be purged column is now labeled What needs to be purged
    • The Resulting Regex column is now labeled Resulting Pattern
    • A new column, Include Query String, indicates which items have the Include query string setting applied
    • In the Purge result email notification section
  • The option to choose between Summary View and a Detail View has been removed.
  • When using the SmartPurge REST API, purge objects are specified with Patterns instead of Regex
  • SmartPurge requests are processed atomically (instead of one URL/Regex at a time)


If you have any questions about SmartPurge or would like to arrange a demo of the new capabilities, please contact your account manager. They are, as always, here to help you succeed.

Last quarter I wrote a blog post about how at Limelight, we pride ourselves on doing an excellent job for our customers while also doing our share in being green and reducing our carbon footprint.


As good corporate citizens, we have a responsibility to our customers, our investors, and the environment. As part of my role at Limelight, my team oversees more than 80 data centers, which produce almost 100% of our carbon footprint. We are also responsible for ensuring that we have enough physical infrastructure capacity to fulfill customer needs, while meeting our own internal efficiency goals.


Our team at Limelight has been working hard to improve in the following areas:


  • Increasing capacity so that our customers’ delivery requirements are met. Software enhancements and innovation have contributed significantly to this increase in capacity.
  • Ensuring reliability for our customers. We’ve seen record-breaking traffic and have achieved a new record for both peak bandwidth and petabytes delivered.
  • Refreshing our technology by acquiring new servers, lowering fan speeds, consolidating server locations, providing internal efficiency and lessening of the impact on the environment.


We are very proud to see the positive impact of our continuing efforts.


The following chart is a sampling that shows how we’ve improved in our carbon footprint reduction and our capacity increase in various locations around the globe:



Carbon footprint








San Jose, CA




Stay tuned for more updates as I will be blogging again next quarter to share more of the great progress we’ve been making and will continue to make.

Rhapsody, based in Seattle, Washington, was the first paid online music subscription service.  For 15 years they have been delivering streaming music to subscribers and for the same amount of time Limelight has been working closely with them to make this happen flawlessly. By using Limelight’s content delivery network, Rhapsody consistently delivers music to its customers in milliseconds across a wide variety of connected devices, resulting in a high quality listening experience. In addition, by utilizing both the Orchestrate Delivery and Storage services, Rhapsody is able to place its vast library of more than 35 million songs closer to the end-user, resulting in improved speed of delivery globally.


““The team at Limelight has genuine interest in helping Rhapsody enhance its service, and is willing to work with us on innovative solutions. We’ve had a long and positive relationship with Limelight. They are easy to work with and very responsive. We look forward to continuing our partnership and working together in the future.


-        Paul Vandegrift, Senior Director, Vendor Relationship Management, Rhapsody


Want to learn more? Check out a full case study here.