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Limelight is making you an offer you can’t refuse – free traffic delivery and cloud storage! You know your customer’s expectations when watching video, visiting your website, or downloading new software – it has to be flawless. If you’ve tried to deliver your digital content yourself, or have just thought about doing so, survey after survey reveals the same concerns – scale and Quality of Experience (QoE). Addressing those concerns quickly leads to a CapEx investment discussion for infrastructure you would need to deploy to not only reach your customers, but to support many device specific formats, and position content near them.


If using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) hasn’t been a consideration, or you haven’t experienced the best digital content delivery services with your current CDN – try Limelight. Now it’s as simple and painless as possible to have your customers enjoy rapid web page loading, broadcast quality video on their devices, and fast software downloads. Limelight is offering free content delivery and integrated cloud storage so you can experience what the world’s largest private CDN can do for your brand and business.


Enough suspense – here’s the deal:

Get up to 500TB of storage and 100TB of traffic–FREE!

Improve user experiences and reduce costs with content delivery solutions from Limelight

Provide your audience with the best possible experience

  • Limelight’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) and integrated distributed storage are ranked among the highest performing in the world, which means your digital content is always delivered at the best possible quality.

Deliver content wherever your audience is, on whatever device they choose

  • Limelight is one of the world’s largest CDNs, with multi-terabytes of capacity and more than 80 POPs around the world, ensuring instant global accessibility to your content. Plus, Limelight can seamlessly format your content for optimal viewing on a range of devices.

Have peace of mind 24/7/365

  • With constant monitoring from Limelight’s world-class Network Operations Center and unrestricted access to live technical support, be assured that delivery of your content is in the very best hands.

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  Promotion details are available on our website here.

When the Volkswagon diesel emission scandal erupted, people wondered- why doesn’t VW just download new software into its cars and fix the problem?  In the era where consumers can download phone apps in seconds, as well as new phone software while they sleep, this is a logical question.  By its own admission, VW deliberately programmed its vehicles to run differently during emission testing compared with how cars were allowed to run on the road.  Scandal erupted when it was discovered that VW diesel cars that had excellent emissions ratings during testing, were in fact, emitting up to 40 times more pollutants under road conditions.


So why couldn’t VW just download new software and declare the problem solved?  Put simply, in many vehicles, the compromised software was hiding a hardware problem.  (Software engineers might relate to this)  Installing compliant software would simply expose the higher emissions. Completely correcting the problem required not just installing compliant software, but making real adjustments to the engine and exhaust system so they produce less pollution.


The cost to VW has been astronomical – close to $15B ($14.7B based on the latest ruling).    Approximately $10B will go toward compensating owners of cars with the offending VW diesel engines, while $2.7B will go towards projects to reduce nitrous oxide emissions and $2B is slated toward green energy projects.  On top of this, VW lost tens of billions in market value which it has not fully recovered almost a year later.


Car manufacturers are already familiar with the high cost of recalls and fixes.  The VW scenario is an extreme case of needing to fix a problem quickly with a high volume of cars.  That, and the cost of the VW disaster, are catalysts for designing even greater software control over engine parameters, and finding more efficient ways to distribute new software updates to car owners.


There is currently plenty of opportunity for improvement.  In the US, car manufacturers are legally prevented from operating dealerships in many states. Dealerships have shown their willingness to fight back against car manufacturers that want to a a direct relationship with owners, as evidenced by the numerous legal battles that newcomer Tesla is now waging.  The result is that car fixes and recalls can take years to propagate through the entire system of arms-length relationships, with the loser being the consumer.


As the car industry becomes more software driven however, manufacturers and dealerships, as well as authorized service stations are all looking for faster ways to get consumers the latest functionality. Hence the intense, ongoing interest in software and firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) strategies.  FOTA for the auto industry will require network solutions that can handle large volumes of software, integrate with global delivery models and handle billions of updates.  It's a tall order, but one that content delivery networks are likely to play a role in.  Already CDN's handle distributing software and firmware updates to millions of phones, TV’s and consumer appliances.  Their capacity and flexibility will likely put them at the center of the car's software download evolution as well.


IBC 2016: Up Your Game

Posted by nhoch Aug 22, 2016

Let’s Talk OTT


Are you part of the rising tide that is sweeping the world of technology? If so, IBC will be a great opportunity for you to catch up with us and discuss some common OTT challenges that you might face. Our technical experts will be on-site throughout the exhibition, ready to explain what it might take to overcome some of those challenges.


Book an appointment in one of our private meeting rooms at the show, or visit us at Hall 3, Stand A23.





Be social: Join us for some complimentary drinks at our IBC “wine down” on Saturday September 10, starting at 4:30PM at our stand in Hall 3, A23.



And don’t miss our prize drawing: Upload your photo with your biggest smile in one of our green Limelight t-shirts to your Twitter account with #LLNW and one of a go-pro camera might be yours.

Yesterday Limelight executives gathered in New York City to ring the closing bell at the Nasdaq!  You can view details and the full ceremony at this link.


Here are some photos from the event.

Limelight team close up.jpg

Team and Tower.jpg