Introducing Exciting New Content Delivery Features with Limelight ARC Light

Blog Post created by charliekraus on Feb 23, 2017

Directing users to the websites, files, games, images and other types of content they are trying to reach as fast as possible is vital to provide the best user experience. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have been the go to solution for rapidly connecting users to content for over the past decade. Complex data manipulation of user queries by website and application servers are another part of the decision-making process of completing the user connection to specific content. Burdening web servers or application servers with this compute functionality can slow down responses to users.


Limelight ARC Light is a new Limelight CDN capability which speeds up  the connection of users to content, and delivery to specific user needs.  ARC Light allows the CDN to use data in user requests to make decisions by using computed edge policies to facilitate real time modifications of client requests and origin responses. Business benefits include speeding users to correct websites for faster transaction completion and enhancing content access security, improving user’s quality of experience, and enhancing brand reputation. The business benefits and capabilities of ARC Light apply to website and any type of content. The complex data manipulations required to perform these actions will be offloaded from your application infrastructure, reducing the latency in this decision process, helping to increase efficiency, and lower the complexity of managing the application or website. The Limelight Advanced Services Team powers the rapid development and deployment of ARC Light computed edge policies, reducing deployment time of complex business logic to the edge from months to days.


To better understand the capabilities of ARC Light and the business benefits derived from them, some example use cases include:

  •      Origin Selection: By Geographical Location - A mobile device manufacturer has a software update to push to all devices via a CDN. To deliver the update, the CDN will capture the Geo information and pass it the ARC Light, which will send devices located in China to Chinese origins, devices located in North America to North American origins, etc.
  •      Redirection: Content By Geography - A publishing company has content with licensing restrictions based on location of users. They have content that can only be accessed by users from the US or Australia. When users request content, ARC Light uses Geo lookup data to verify location of the user. Confirmed US-based users are granted access to US content, a user from Australia would be redirected to the library of content available to Australians. Visitors outside the US and Australia are blocked from access.
  •      Request Modification: Language By Geography - An e-commerce company publishes its website in multiple languages. When a visitor from China navigates to the e-commerce site, the geolocation of the visitor is detected, and ARC Light executes a policy to add a query string to indicate the Chinese language version of the site should be utilized. 


More to Come

These are a small sample of the Edge Policy Actions that speed users to content that ARC Light can perform. Over the following several weeks, a series of blog posts, each specific to a different ARC Light use case, will expose the variety of tasks that can be performed, improving user experience, enhancing brand reputations, increasing return website visits, and driving increased revenue. See you back here shortly for the next in the ARC Light series of blogs.