ARC Light Capability Blog Series: Origin Selection

Blog Post created by chris.nave on Feb 28, 2017

This is the first blog in the ARC Light series showcasing the capabilities of Computed Edge Policies. The introduction blog presented an overview of ARC Light, and included a few examples of use cases built around geolocation data.


We often receive requests from customers with a need to implement custom business logic for selecting the appropriate Origin. Origin selection logic for a subset of traffic based on predefined criteria is a standard use case. These needs are typically fulfilled by out of the box configuration options within the CDN. In some cases, we encounter a need for origin selection based on complex set of rules. ARC Light extends the standard configuration options of the CDN for these cases.


Device Updates by Geographical Location


A use case we recently encountered for a mobile device manufacturer required directing traffic to alternate origins for software updates depending on the user’s software version and geographical location. The manufacturer maintains origins in the Americas, Europe, and APAC where some are tuned for delivering larger software updates and others are tuned for delivering smaller updates.  


ARC Light solves the problem by executing complex business logic at the edge. The Advanced Request Configuration detects the user’s software version by evaluating multiple pieces of data included within the request header. The CDN automatically generates geographical data for the user upon request. ARC Light combines the version information and geographical data to determine the appropriate origin using the predefined business logic if not served directly from cache.   


Speedy Deployment of Powerful Configurations


ARC Light provides the flexibility to utilize actionable data included in the header such as URLs, Cookies, Query Strings, and Custom tags to apply logic in real time. Configurations are versatile yet quickly built and deployed across the network to provide a powerful tool for origin selection.


More to Come


In the next couple of weeks several more blogs will be posted highlighting a specific ARC Light use case. Return to this site to read about more ARC Light capabilities.