ARC Light Capability Blog Series: Request Modification

Blog Post created by chris.nave on Mar 3, 2017

This is the second blog in the ARC Light series showcasing the capabilities of Computed Edge Policies. The introduction blog presented an overview of ARC Light, and included a few examples of use cases built around geolocation data. The second blog covered Origin Selection, and this blog will discuss user request modification.


Multinational companies inevitably have to solve for language support on their front end. There are many facets to the issue. From translating content to UI/UX work to account for the translated content. It’s a project that requires a lot of time and money. How will the front end know when to serve the appropriate language to the user? It may be an easy question to answer for existing users, but for new visitors, it's a different story.


Language Selection by Geographical Location


Language selection becomes easy when out-of-the-box CDN functionality is extended by ARC Light. The Limelight CDN provides geographical location information on every request. ARC Light extends the ability of the CDN to modify request headers in real time. A query string or header information can be automatically added to the request so the front end knows which language to display to the user. The CDN maintains the Geo database for actionable data. ARC Light manages the compute layer for modifying the request.


Advanced Request Configuration


This is a basic example of a request modification using ARC Light. ARC Light has the ability to evaluate any data available within the request header such as URLs, query strings, hostnames, cookies, IP addresses, or custom header data. Complex uses can then be solved within the Advanced Request Configuration to modify any portion of the header using predefined business logic. Simple, Quick, Compute at the edge.


More to Come


Over the next couple of weeks, several more blogs will be posted highlighting a specific ARC Light use case. Return to this site to read about more ARC Light capabilities.