Delivering the Next Great Digital Experience

Blog Post created by mmilligan on May 30, 2017

 At Limelight, we’re focused on putting experience first.  Last week, we announced significant new performance and functionality advancements to the Limelight Orchestrate Platform that improve online experiences regardless of a user’s connection type or speed or when network conditions are variable or changing.  For video distribution customers, this means significant reductions to the percentage of video streams experiencing rebuffering—without requiring any client side code. 


Production data from Limelight customers shows:


  • 33% reduction in SD (480p) video sessions experiencing rebuffers in the US
  • 25% reduction in HD (1080p) video sessions experiencing rebuffers in the US
  • 41% reduction in video sessions experiencing rebuffers for mobile devices in an emerging market


Why are rebuffer rates so important to online video providers?  Data from Limelight’s latest State of Online Video Market Research shows rebuffering is the primary frustration of online video viewers.  In fact, 46% of viewers will stop watching a video if it rebuffers twice, and 78% will abandon the video if it rebuffers three times. 




Rebuffering has a clear impact on a viewer’s perceived Quality of Experience (QoE) and an online video distributor’s profitability.  That is why the largest and most successful online video providers are fanatical about doing anything they can to reduce rebuffering by even the slightest amount.  The major improvements Limelight has unleashed are a game-changer.



How did Limelight accomplish this?  The short answer is by optimizing the Limelight Orchestrate Platform.  The more detailed answer requires a better understanding of the Limelight Orchestrate Platform.


What is the Orchestrate Platform, and how is it different from a Content Delivery Network (CDN)? 

A CDN delivers content.  There are many CDN providers.  The Orchestrate Platform provides content delivery and much more.




Unlike other CDNs, Limelight’s Global Infrastructure includes the largest global private network dedicated to content delivery.  Our private fiber backbone allows us to bypass the public internet for important tasks, and we only use our network to deliver your content.  Our Advanced Content Delivery Services offer industry-leading cache efficiency and delivery performance for your content.  The Global Infrastructure and Advanced Content Delivery Services form the base of the Orchestrate Platform.


Optional Web Acceleration, Origin Storage, Video Management, and Cloud Security Services are available to help you meet your workflow and business needs.  Control and Enablement tools make it easy to configure the Orchestrate Platform and report on your operations.  All of this is available with access to global support experts who are dedicated to your success.  


Let’s take a more detailed look at the Limelight Orchestrate Platform components.



The Limelight Orchestrate Platform Global Infrastructure spans the globe with a QoS-enabled network of over 80 Points-of-Presence (PoPs) and 22+ terabits per-second of egress capacity directly interconnected with major ISPs and last-mile networks.  The Orchestrate Platform Global Infrastructure is densely architected with data centers clustered around major metropolitan locations throughout the world.  Our private fiber backbone enables cache-fill traffic, dynamic content, and integrated service data to bypass the public internet and travel at high speed between Limelight POPs, providing a better QoE for your users.    



At the heart of the Limelight’s Advanced Content Delivery is EdgePrism, the advanced caching software that offers industry-leading cache efficiency.  EdgePrism cache management and operating system technologies deliver optimal performance over any network connection type or speed without requiring any special client-side code.  By continually monitoring a user’s connection and optimizing how content is delivered based upon realtime analysis, Advanced Content Delivery Services provide a superior QoE, even over mobile networks or other changing network conditions.  Unlike traditional CDN vendors who rely on third-party technologies for key components of their content delivery infrastructure, Limelight utilizes in-house development and optimization of its Advanced Content Delivery Services to ensure maximum performance. 



Web Acceleration Services speed up the delivery of static content like images, text and video as well as dynamic content that changes with each user. Techniques such as TCP and connection optimizations, HTTP/2 support, executing application logic at the edge, and device detection help deliver a consistently fast user experience for your websites and applications.



Unlike ordinary cloud storage, Origin Storage Services are distributed throughout the Orchestrate Platform Global Infrastructure, placing content closer to your audiences for the best performance.  Content is automatically replicated and geographically distributed according to your requirements and served to users from the highest performing location.  Limelight Origin Storage offers the fastest delivery performance, built-in redundancy, and an automated and simplified workflow.



Video Management Services make it easy to manage, package, and deliver both live and video on demand content.  The Limelight Video Platform is the fastest and most intuitive way to manage, publish, syndicate, measure, and monetize the distribution of online video. Limelight Multi-Device Media Delivery simplifies the process of ingesting, transmuxing, packaging, and delivering both live and on demand video to virtually any device. 



The Cloud Security Services provide powerful features to protect against attacks on websites and application infrastructure, and control access to content. Content is delivered on our Global Infrastructure which is 100% SSL enabled. Access to websites and content is controlled by features including geo-fencing, URL tokenization, and IP access control.  Web Application Firewall (WAF) capabilities protect web sites against malicious hacking, while Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack detection and mitigation ensures your web sites and applications remain available, even when you are under attack.



Control and Enablement offer both a self-service portal and a new set of API’s to configure and manage your Orchestrate Platform services. For self-service, the Limelight Control portal puts the power of the Orchestrate Platform at your fingertips making it easy to configure services.  Secure APIs are also available if you prefer to incorporate the management and reporting of CDN services into your own tools and workflows.



Whether it’s your initial implementation of the Limelight Orchestrate Platform or you’re responding to changing business requirements, implementing new services, or training and augmenting your staff, Limelight Support Services help you succeed.  Our global Advanced Services Architects have the experience and expertise to help you take on new challenges with confidence.  Limelight’s 24/7/365 Network Operations Center constantly monitors the Limelight Orchestrate Platform Global Infrastructure to ensure maximum uptime and efficient traffic operations.



Limelight’s ongoing investment in the Orchestrate Platform means you can solve your most important content delivery challenges today and in the future.  So, whether you are delivering on-demand or streaming video, software files, games, or an entire website, the Limelight Orchestrate Platform helps you deliver the next great digital experience anywhere.