Watch: Danger and Opportunity in Online Content Delivery

Blog Post created by charlierussell on Jun 1, 2017

If you're delivering online video, websites, file downloads, games or e-commerce, you owe it to yourself to watch this video. Investigate 7 keys to a critical component of your online content: its digital source. As vital as this digital source is, many organizations don't fully understand it, and many take it for granted -- at their own peril.



Examination at the Source

Today's online audience expects instant response -- and they'll go elsewhere if they don't get it. Knowing this, you may already be using or considering a content delivery network (CDN). But you probably know far less about the source that feeds the CDN: origin storage. Learning more can make a big difference.   





Done wrong, CDN origin storage can waste valuable resources, time, effort and money -- only to deliver bad user experience -- and you might not even know it. 


Done right, CDN origin storage doesn’t take a lot of your team’s time and resources, dramatically improves user experience, and can even save you money.



Want to learn more? 


7 Qualities that are Revolutionizing CDN Origin Storage + "Ask the Expert"
 Choose a video:


Watch free video -- Americas version (from USA) 

Kyle Carpenter, Americas Sales Engineer 

Charlie Russell, Senior Product Marketing Manager 


Watch free video -- EMEA version (from Europe) 

Kerrion Burton Evans, EMEA Sales Engineer 

Charlie Russell, Senior Product Marketing Manager 


Both videos feature:

  • What CDN origin storage is, and why you should care about it
  • 7 qualities that are revolutionizing CDN origin storage
  • Just released capabilities in Limelight Origin Storage that make it a game-changer for your team, your audience and your bottom line
  • How Limelight’s high-performance Origin Storage is able to deliver 92-200 percent faster than cloud storage solutions*
  • "Ask the Expert" session


For more information, you can also explore CDN Origin Storage on Limelight's website.