New! Limelight Edge Analytics - Using Data to Improve Performance and Save Money

Blog Post created by charlierussell on Aug 23, 2017

Does your business deliver online content? There can be great value in gaining insights into content usage, how users are interacting with that content, and the systems that manage and deliver the content. Analytics can help provide insights that are informational, actionable, or both.


Limelight Edge Analytics


Limelight’s growing Limelight Edge Analytics portfolio helps customers manage their content delivery and optimize Quality of Experience for their users. Businesses can understand usage patterns, load-balance their delivery network, anticipate and manage peak traffic, manage content libraries, minimize cost, optimize for location or time of day, and much more.


Limelight Edge Analytics is founded on multi-dimensional data gathering, aggregation, computation and presentation. This next-generation approach is far superior to the traditional approach of simply laying out individual reports on a dashboard or providing log files for your own business to make sense of.


Several recent additions to Limelight Edge Analytics help highlight Limelight’s fresh approach.


Custom Queries


Limelight Custom Queries help you understand your traffic, content, application, and user behavior to increase revenue opportunities. Create tailor-made data collection queries for correlation and analysis within Limelight Edge Analytics to better understand your business performance. In addition to the wealth of data already gathered and presented in Limelight’s standard reports & reporting API, Custom Queries provide customized and targeted access via EdgeQueryTM to the trove of raw log data within the Limelight Orchestrate Platform.


EdgeQueryTM, Limelight’s real-time analytics platform. enables real time data calculation, commutation, and aggregation as well as presentation of data about your content storage, traffic, content, application, and user behavior. EdgeQuery is Limelight’s patented software that collects, aggregates, and stores data about service usage.  This data is available in Limelight's standard reports or through customized access or "queries".


Custom Queries can extract the specific metrics and time scales (real time, near real time and historical) needed for analysis. Examples of data extraction for use cases include traffic per ASN to optimize load balancing, traffic by region for reporting, header data for quality control, URL and client range header data for user metric analysis, multiple data sets for custom graphing and charting, and periodically fetching data for archival purposes.


The data required to perform these analytics, sourced from EdgeQuery, can include:

  • Data from user behavior. Actions and interactions by end users.
  • Data from service delivery. Movement of data into and out of the content delivery network.
  • Data from service systems. Status and performance of the network, services and systems.


Consolidated Reporting in Limelight Control


Limelight’s consolidated reporting focuses on analytics rather than plain reporting.  The data visualizations are multidimensional and interactive, and consolidate what were previously many separate reports into a “single pane-of-glass” for presentation. Examples include the new Traffic Report and an upcoming new consolidated report for Limelight Origin Storage Services. The modernized, modular, interactive interface into real-time data is the next generation of analytics presentation. It features a tabbed workflow that drives insight while saving clicks. Users can view their data across multiple accounts and drill into nested information within the main visualization.


The new Traffic Report and other consolidated reports are part of the web-based Limelight Control portal where customers can configure delivery services and live events, manage content, administer and secure their environment, and access online support.

 Analytics Traffic Report


All data is now sourced from our leading real-time analytics platform – EdgeQuery. It also features a fresh new look and feel.

Reporting API


For customers who use their own tools and software for enterprise-level reporting and prefer to integrate content delivery analytics into those tools, Limelight’s Reporting API makes it easy to access the same pervasive real-time data that can also be accessed via our new-generation visual reports.


Limelight is committed to helping customers turn raw data about traffic, content, and end-user behavior into insights and actions that help achieve strategic objectives.


Limelight’s goal with analytics is to help our customers answer the following question. “We have all this amazing raw data about traffic, content, end-user behavior and more. How do we translate that raw data into insights and actions that will help us achieve our goals?”


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