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Rhapsody, based in Seattle, Washington, was the first paid online music subscription service.  For 15 years they have been delivering streaming music to subscribers and for the same amount of time Limelight has been working closely with them to make this happen flawlessly. By using Limelight’s content delivery network, Rhapsody consistently delivers music to its customers in milliseconds across a wide variety of connected devices, resulting in a high quality listening experience. In addition, by utilizing both the Orchestrate Delivery and Storage services, Rhapsody is able to place its vast library of more than 35 million songs closer to the end-user, resulting in improved speed of delivery globally.


““The team at Limelight has genuine interest in helping Rhapsody enhance its service, and is willing to work with us on innovative solutions. We’ve had a long and positive relationship with Limelight. They are easy to work with and very responsive. We look forward to continuing our partnership and working together in the future.


-        Paul Vandegrift, Senior Director, Vendor Relationship Management, Rhapsody


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