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At Limelight, we’re taking the technology lead by innovating at a faster pace and bringing to market what our customers want and need in order to create the world’s best content experiences.  2017 appears to be a banner year for product innovation and customer support. We’re planning a major refresh of our Orchestrate Platform with significant enhancements to our infrastructure, software, and services. Here’s a look at what’s ahead:


  • Optimized TCP/IP Implementation: Limelight has teamed up with two of the largest video content and delivery companies in the world to develop a next generation TCP/IP stack. The new environment will enable us to deliver video and live streams with higher quality than ever seen before. Watch for details in the coming months.


  • Arc Light: Arc Light harnesses the power of Limelight’s edge servers to facilitate real-time modifications of user requests and origin responses. You’re able to process specialized tasks right at the network edge to improve the user experience, provide a faster time to transaction, and enhance content access security.


  • Intelligent Ingest: This capability automatically accelerates the ingest of entire content libraries into Limelight Cloud Storage Services for faster delivery. User-requested content not in the CDN cache can be automatically retrieved and uploaded or you can provide a manifest of content to upload. These new capabilities help simplify your content management processes.


  • Security: A new suite of security features and functions for small to mid-sized businesses that offers the ability to protect websites, applications and their associated origins from malicious requests.


If you’re interested in participating as a pilot customer for these new services or want to learn more, please reach out to your local sales representative. You can also respond to this blog post in the Comments section or email us at Your feedback is appreciated, and it can be the catalyst for additional changes and improvements to provide you with even better services.

At Limelight, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our customers have a positive experience with Limelight. We’ve asked for your feedback and have listened to it and acted upon it to help make our products and services the best in the industry.


We want to thank all of you who participated in our Limelight 2016 Voice of the Customer survey. We had a great response, and you provided extremely valuable input on all areas of our business. 


Here are just a few of the features and innovations we’ve delivered this year that have incorporated feedback from our customers:

  • Release of the award-winning SmartPurge, Limelight’s fast and intelligent purge tool
  • Self-service options with added configuration capabilities in Control 3
  • Live & VOD video packaging services over HTTP & HTTPS with custom bitrates
  • PoP expansion and increased capacity in more regions and countries



We appreciate your enthusiasm and remain committed to continuing to use your feedback as we select our new features and innovations in 2017.


For more information about the improvements we’re making and how they affect you, please talk with your Account Manager. And as always, please feel free to engage with us here on Limelight Connect.

On July 25th, in preparing for major upcoming customer events, Limelight was removing older technology from its infrastructure when an error was encountered. This resulted in degraded delivery performance for a subset of Limelight customers starting at 1:15 am MST. The root cause of this particular issue was definitively identified, isolated, and resolved with service being restored to most customers within 45 min and full service being restored within 2 hours. Customer satisfaction is Limelight Network’s highest priority. Limelight is committed to continuous improvement of its support systems and processes with a goal of eliminating service disruption.