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To support rapidly increasing traffic and bandwidth needs, Limelight is continually increasing its network capacity and expanding its global Points of Presence (PoPs) worldwide.


Limelight continued its investment in infrastructure this month by adding three new Points-of-Presence in India. Located in Bombay, Chennai and Delhi, the new PoPs address the growing market demand for world-class CDN services and capabilities. See the news here.


One of the key internet connectivity problems in India is wide variations in connection speeds depending on location, coupled with sporadic surges. The current infrastructure simply doesn’t provide good connectivity reliably and to all regions.


Here’s where Limelight and CDNs come into play. A CDN can act as distributed server that delivers content such as web pages and video to people via service provider last mile connections. The Limelight CDN, for instance, can move massive amounts of content around the country rapidly. This method minimizes latency, or slow response times, and TCP connection optimization eases the traffic load on a customer’s own network. Limelight’s CDN also provides protection against large traffic surges, such as when people watch a live streaming event.


Many of the world’s largest media, entertainment, software and gaming companies already use Limelight to deliver their content into India. But with the new PoPs, Limelight can now help domestic enterprises in the country deliver truly exceptional customer experiences.

We are excited to share with you that today we announced our new Limelight Web Application Firewall (WAF), a cloud-based security service that detects and stops application attacks in real time, protecting websites and web applications from common threats and specialized attacks. The service is integrated with our global CDN, providing a secure, distributed architecture that delivers cost-effective protection for web applications without sacrificing performance for security.

For more details you can read a datasheet here or press release here 

Yesterday Limelight executives gathered in New York City to ring the closing bell at the Nasdaq!  You can view details and the full ceremony at this link.


Here are some photos from the event.

Limelight team close up.jpg

Team and Tower.jpg

Neustar, based in Sterling, Virginia, is a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services and security solutions to protect against the serious threat of expanding Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.  DDoS attacks have become more prominent and Neustar’s DDoS service is an important component to protect an organization’s mission-critical digital infrastructure.  Working together, Neustar and Limelight are creating the largest global distributed DDoS mitigation network.


“As DDoS attacks have become increasingly powerful and prevalent, it is critical for organizations to invest in a solution that can outpace its attackers. We selected Limelight based on their impressive global infrastructure, technology and people. The relationship demonstrates our joint commitment to securely manage, distribute and protect digital content distribution around the world.”

- Lisa Hook, chief executive officer at Neustar.


“As a global leader in digital content delivery, Limelight is excited to be working with Neustar to help them build out the world’s largest DDoS mitigation network. The scale and scope of the Limelight platform and the technology of Neustar will produce a security solution to easily handle the world’s largest DDoS attacks. We believe with Neustar’s industry knowledge and Limelight’s network capabilities, we will be able to uniquely address the market needs.”

- Bob Lento, chief executive officer at Limelight


To read more details, here are links to the Limelight press release and Neustar’s press release.

Today we released findings of our second annual ‘State of Digital Downloads’ report. This study is part of Limelight’s series of annual surveys exploring consumer perceptions and behavior around digital content. Key findings may surprise you.  They include:

  • The mobile phone is the most dominant device for downloading content
  • Beyond OS updates, Movies/TV Shows, Music, and Apps are the most popular downloads
  • Consumers tend to download most often at night
  • Download speed is critical to providing a great experience
  • When things go wrong with downloading, typically ISPs are blamed
  • Google is winning the content war but Apple isn’t far behind
  • Android is the most dominant smartphone for downloading content but comes in second with tablets


The survey was conducted by a third-party organization with access to U.S. and international consumer panels. In all, 1,136 consumers ranging in age, gender and education completed the survey.  A copy of the press release is posted to our website, and can be found here and the complete report is available here.

Would you like the opportunity to help your peers learn from your experiences?  We’re seeking Limelight customers to profile how you’re leveraging our technology to innovate, grow your business and improve your customers’ experience.  Join Arsenal Football Club, OTT company Dailymotion, retailer Costume Supercenter and many more diverse organizations from the established to start-up around the world and tell your story.  Simply leave me a message here or email me at and I’ll contact you to discuss how you could be featured here.

Online video consumption continues to rise while consumers’ tolerance of interruptions and ads declines according to our second “State of Online Video” research report released today.  The report reveals a rapid shift in online video viewing, especially amongst MillennialsKey findings include:

  • More than 83 percent of consumers watch on-demand video, an increase of four percent since April.
  • Consumers want to cut the cord, but they may not want to pay for Over-the-Top (OTT) content either.
  • Millennials are far more likely to subscribe to over-the-top (OTT) services.
  • Apps on Smart TVs are the go-to source for viewing video on the television. 
  • When it comes to OTT devices, Xbox is leading the market with Sony close behind.
  • When videos get interrupted, viewers abandon.
  • Fewer people are sharing their videos online but when they do, it’s on Facebook with YouTube a distant second.
  • There is a growing anti-advertising sentiment among online video viewers.


“The world of online video is anything but predictable,” said Jason Thibeault, senior director of marketing at Limelight. “Even in the few months between our April and December studies, we have seen a significant shift in how people choose to consume content. Organizations trying to take advantage of this changing landscape—from traditional broadcast to online video—must keep in mind how easily things shift as operational and business flexibility is paramount to achieving success.”


A copy of the press release can be found here and the full report here.

Are you interested it what it takes to build a new over-the-top (OTT) service?  Here are insights from CuriosityStream, an on-demand, subscription-based non-fiction streaming service, launched by John Hendricks, the Founder of the Discovery Channel and former Chairman of Discovery Communications.

With more than 1,000 programs on science, technology, civilization and the human spirit accessible on-demand and ad-free  – and additional titles added every day – CuriosityStream features documentary shows and series from the world’s leading nonfiction producers. The service is available worldwide in standard and HD resolution streaming, with 4K slated for spring 2016.

“We built a new OTT service from the ground up, so we turned to Limelight as a single solution to manage, secure and deliver our videos so we could focus our resources on building our streaming business. Our customers expect us to support a variety of devices such as Roku and Apple TV, native smart TV applications, tablets and smartphones. Limelight enables us to deliver video in the ideal format to each of these competing but inherently different streaming platforms.”

– Peter North, chief digital officer for CuriosityStream.


A detailed case study can be found here and a press release is posted to our website, and can be found here.

Behind the scenes it takes constant innovation and dedication for Limelight to deliver video, software and games to the digital world. We are excited to share with you that Dan Carney, our vice president of operations, has been recognized for his work to make this happen.  He was chosen as one of IDG’s Computerworld 2016 Premier 100 Technology Leaders Awards.


Each year Computerworld selects technology and business leaders who display exceptional technology leadership, foster ideas and creative work environments, envision innovative approaches to business problems, and effectively manage IT strategies.


Since joining Limelight in 2013, Dan has played a significant role in driving the company’s most important strategic business initiatives. To maximize the potential of the constantly-evolving technology landscape, he has changed Limelight’s IT culture, putting in place processes that improve results, encourage creativity and provide a challenging and rewarding work environment.


“Dan Carney’s positive impact on Limelight includes improvements to our network that customers benefit from daily, as well as internal improvements to reduce costs and improve efficiency. He has restructured our IT department to better align with Limelight’s goals, created a greater understanding of IT’s business value, mentored and guided our IT team to reduce turnover, and streamlined our teams to reduce risk. He is very deserving of this distinction and we are very proud to have him on our team.” – Bob Lento, CEO


A copy of our press release is posted to our website, and can be found here.

A copy of IDG’s press release can be found here.


Congratulations Dan!

Online education continues to grow in popularity and delivering high quality video in a multitude of formats is a real challenge.  Limelight is helping Spear Education easily deliver high quality online video as part of its innovative educational programs for dentists and their staff around the globe. Spear currently has more than 5,000 customers and features over 1,300 research-driven educational videos that dentists and their staff can access in their own offices, on their own schedules.


“The move to Limelight has also ensured that videos play when and how they should, on all devices. Because Limelight does all the encoding on the back-end and provides all the formats for any device, we have had not a single complaint from a customer about not being able to play the video.” – Shane Walsh, Director of Video Production at Spear Education


If you’d like more insight into Spear’s challenges and solutions, a copy of the press release can be found here and a complete case study is located here.

Today we released detailed insights from our second ‘State of the User Experience’ report which explores key trends in how users engage with digital experiences. Key findings include:


  • There has been a dramatic surge in time spent online with Baby Boomers, not Millennials, leading the way.
  • Social networking is rapidly becoming the most popular online activity, beating out reading news.
  • For Millennials, video is the most important aspect of their online experience.
  • Performance is still key to a great web experience, but patience is growing.
  • Consumers want a more personalized Web experience.
  • Consumers expect more performance from the mobile Web.


The report is based on a survey that collected data from 1,302 consumers chosen at random located in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Singapore, aged 18-69, who spend more than five hours per week online outside of work. A copy of the press release can be found here and here is a link to the full report.

Calkins Media Incorporated, a broadcasting, publishing, and digital media company sought to maximize their market penetration and engagement and determine the best use video to help them do so. They chose the Limelight Orchestrate Video platform to deliver their increasing use of video which includes 4K and deliver their expanding Over-the-Top (OTT) subscription service for its five newspaper websites.


“We need flexible and easy to use solutions. Limelight’s APIs are the most flexible I’ve seen, and this makes a tremendous difference to us and our business. In addition, it’s the most advanced solution that we’ve seen that also provides us with a user interface that is easy to use.” – Jai Vyas, Director of Digital Innovation and Strategy, Calkins Media


For more details on Calkins a copy of a press release can be found here and a case study can be found here.

We are honored to have been selected by Streaming Media as part of its Top 100 Companies That Matter Most in Online Video list!  The list is selected by the magazine’s editorial and publishing team.

“Of all the companies delivering technologies and services in the streaming media industry, these are the 100 that our editorial team determined to be the most innovative, influential, and important.”  - Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, Streaming Media editor

Limelight has been named to this list for five consecutive years – every year since the list has been published. Our press release announcing this can be found here.


Additionally, earlier this week, Streaming Media published their annual ‘View from the Top.’  This special issue contains insights from our CEO Bob Lento and other executives on the 2015 Streaming Media 100 list.   Here is the link to Bob Lento’s ‘View from the Top.’

With OTT services gaining popularity, Chili S.p.A (“Chili”), one of the largest OTT distributors of movies, TV series and music, based in Italy, needed high quality, reliable global delivery of their content.   To help them achieve this they turned to the Limelight OrchestrateTM (“Orchestrate”) Platform to deliver video content to their 500,000 customers.



“At Chili, using state of the art technology for our OTT platform is essential to be able to provide a high-quality viewing experience and grow our business. Working with a reliable partner such as Limelight allows us to offer Ultra HD (UHD) content and reach customers wherever they are, both of which are extremely important to us.”

-        Stefano Flamia, chief technology officer at Chili


A copy of the press release is posted to our website, and can be found here.

A copy of their case study can be found here.

Retail websites are the front door to the shopping experience, and have a major influence over sale conversions both in-store and out. Click here to read Retail Information Systems News’ Q&A with Limelights' VP of Operations, Dan Carney, on how retailers can create a secure, fast, feature laden, dynamic online experience that puts the brand's best foot forward.