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Webinar: 7 Qualities that are Revolutionizing CDN Origin Storage


Find out what CDN origin storage is, why you should care about it, and how it can save your business money and resources.


North America: May 9 at 2 PM EST. 

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EMEA: May 18 at 9 AM EST.

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Today, we launched RAMP (Recognition, Awards, and Motivation Program) on Limelight Connect to provide community members with a fun way to view interesting and helpful content and contribute to the community--while earning points and recognition. If you participate in other communities or forums, you are probably already familiar with earning points and gaining recognition for your contributions.


If you aren’t familiar, you’ll find that RAMP is fun, easy, and rewarding. Start small by adding an avatar to your profile or liking someone’s post. Earn more points each time you add valuable contributions, such as asking or answering questions, creating blog posts, and providing ongoing contributions to the community.


What are Missions?

Missions are specific actions that we encourage you to take in the community. By successfully completing a mission, you earn points. Missions can be simple, such as liking someone else’s post, or more difficult, such as performing a series of tasks to earn big points. The more valuable your contributions, the more points you earn for the mission.



What are Badges?

Badges are images that are awarded to you when you successfully complete a mission. It’s fun to earn and collect the badges as you continue to contribute to the community. You can even display earned badges on your own profile.


What are Levels?

gamification levels.jpg

Levels are earned by completing missions and accruing points. The more missions you complete, the more points you accumulate, and the higher your ranking within the community.


Discover which contributions are more valuable and how many points you'll need to earn to get to the next level! You'll find it's easy to engage in the community and move from Level 1 (Byte) to Level 2 (Kilobyte), but what will it take to get to Level 6 (Terabyte) or Level 9 (Yottabyte)? You'll have to find out by continually engaging with us and offering contributions.






How Do I Get Started?

Log in to see whether you've completed a mission and earned points and badges. After logging in, view your own profile and look at your profile details. Scroll down to see your activity. Take a look at the missions to see how many you've achieved and how close you are to achieving others. Take a look at Rankings to see how you compare to other community members. Then get going and start interacting with your peers in the community!


Not yet a member? Register right here.


We hope you enjoy this new feature on Limelight Connect, and as always, we welcome your feedback. Feel free to comment on this post or send me an email at







Thanks to everyone who has helped to make Limelight Connect a destination for staying up to date with the latest product and industry news. We are working hard to provide you, our community members, with a valuable service.


In addition to the content we've been providing, we'd really like to hear more from you. In fact, this is our mission. How can we at Limelight help you to further your own business goals? What questions would you like to ask us, what conversations would you like to participate in?


To make it easier for you to engage with Limelight staff and your peers, we have moved to a new community platform that has some great features to encourage deeper engagement.

  • Discussions—The new platform  makes it easy for you to contribute, answer, and follow discussions.
  • In the Limelight Blog: Now you'll be able to follow our blog posts and comment right here on the community.
  • Idea generation—You can post ideas and others can vote on them. Limelight can tap in to customer feedback at a larger scale and use the platform to ask for product feedback.
  • Game mechanics (gamification): Earn points and badges as you contribute ideas, questions, and other content. If this sort of thing motivates you, you're in luck! The new platform provides some great opportunities to engage you further through this feature.
  • Content: As in the past, we will continue to provide you with relevant, timely industry and product articles, blogs, technical papers, and updates.


Explore new Limelight Connect now >


Let us know what you think! You can respond directly to this blog post or email me at