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Getting the right learning tools to visually and hearing impaired students worldwide is no easy task, especially with the disparate technology at different school systems.  We're thrilled to provide the video delivery platform to help make it easy and cost-efficient for Described and Captioned Media (DCMP) to get students the learning tools they need.


Since 1955, non-profit organization DCMP has promoted and provided equal access to communication and learning for K-12 students with visual and/or hearing impairment – across the US and to military and other US families abroad. DCMP offers nearly 7,000 full-length educational videos cost-free to teachers, parents, and service professionals, who rely on being able to provide an efficient, reliable, and accessible media delivery experience for their students.


DCMP needed to keep up with rapid changing media and delivery technologies, while minimizing costs.  They chose the Limelight Orchestrate Video platform to address these challenges.


“We need to create software and user experiences that are specific to our students’ needs, and then deliver a huge library of media assets to Macs, iPads, PCs, mobile apps and Roku. With Limelight, we are now able to scale to meet the increasing demand for online delivery of content to a wide variety of connected devices around the world. Since implementing Limelight, support issues have pretty much gone away.”

-        Kyle Sisk, Information Systems Manager at DCMP.


A copy of the press release is posted to our website, and can be found here.

A copy of their case study is also posted to our website, and can be found here.