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RedVector, an industry-leading online training provider, actively sought a way to improve efficiencies in hosting and delivering its mobile video training courses to students.


To get started, RedVector partnered with Limelight and began using the Limelight Content Delivery Network (CDN) to host and deliver mobile training content. Limelight has turbocharged how we distribute online video to media devices everywhere. Its intuitive interface lets us load up video and have it automatically converted to the formats we need.


As online organizations like RedVector can attest, it’s become increasingly harder to master a multiformat, multichannel, multidevice universe. Limelight methods allowed RedVector training videos to be served up in a single format compatible with all browsers and devices, and made course videos “lighter,” freeing up significant space. RedVector was also able to view reports on usage that were not available before.


This summer, RedVector began using the Limelight video platform with impressive results. The new video player transcodes on the fly based on the learner's browser/device. RedVector simply uploads a single MP4 video, and the player does the rest. It also has an adaptive bitrate feature, which means that the learner's bandwidth determines the quality of the video presented. If the bandwidth is low, then a slightly lower quality video is displayed for a second or two. As the bandwidth catches up, the higher quality video plays, without skipping a beat.




Using Limelight, RedVector has also been able to include captions in the bottom of its video content. This also gives some flexibility in incorporating captions in different languages. Finally, RedVector is utilizing Limelight’s video analytics to manage and monitor usage and other metrics.