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At Limelight, we’re passionate about helping our customers create the world’s best content experiences. That might sound cliché coming from a Marketing guy (although in my defense, I’m an engineer by education and background!), but at Limelight everyone really is focused on one thing above all else – delivering a great experience for our customers and their customers. To us, “Experience First” isn’t a tagline – it’s a mission statement. It’s who we are. It’s in our DNA. 


Today’s digital audiences are increasingly sensitive to poor performance. For example, our consumer research shows the number of users that would abandon a poor performing website jumped from 51 percent to 64 percent in the last year, and almost 80 percent of viewers will stop watching a video if it rebuffers three times. As one of our video streaming customers said: “Content may be king, but the speed of the delivery and the quality of the experience are just as important.”


You can read a lot about product innovation, or network expansion or efficiency gains in the blogs on this site. But at the end of the day all of this work is for the express purpose of helping our customers to deliver exceptional online experiences. So it’s incredibly inspiring and energizing when we hear customers say things like, “Limelight takes the worry out of delivering the best experience possible to our audience. We have more customers and happier customers because of Limelight.” (Coach Guitar)


Our customers have amazing ideas, and we love to collaborate to turn those dreams into reality. Whether delivering experiences that cross boundaries and borders, like one customer who provides medical education to professionals around the world that might not have had access to that information otherwise. Or another customer who uses experiences to build community by delivering native content to expats living abroad. We love to be a part of stories like this because delivering exceptional experiences can have a tremendous impact.


One of the things I love most about my job is talking with customers. And something I hear pretty consistently is that customers appreciate this level of collaboration and the experience of partnering with Limelight. The sentiment is reflected in statements like, "Limelight has genuine interest in helping Napster enhance its service, and is willing to work with us on innovative solutions…They are easy to work with and very responsive.” (Napster).


In their book Groundswell, Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff assert that your brand is what customers say it is. Our customers have told us that experience comes first for the digital audiences they serve, and that there’s something different about the experience in working with a partner like Limelight. That conviction reinforces our commitment to continue to put the experience of our customers, and their customers, first.


If you have questions or want to share your Limelight experience, please feel free to comment on this blog post. 


Experience First

Earlier this week, we shared the exciting news that Limelight joined the Google Cloud Platform CDN Interconnect program. This collaboration brings some significant benefits to anyone using Google’s Cloud Platform with Limelight’s Content Delivery Network (CDN).


As an interconnect partner, Limelight has a number of direct interconnect links with Google’s edge network. So, if you are using Google’s Cloud Platform with Limelight’s CDN, your traffic will bypass the public Internet. That results in dramatic performance improvements and lower costs, since your traffic is subject to Google’s discounted egress pricing.


Adding CDN delivery to your Google Cloud Platform services brings other benefits as well. Digital content is cached in the Limelight CDN offloading your Google Cloud Platform origin and further reducing network egress costs. In addition, you get to use all of the value-added services a leading CDN provider like Limelight offers, including security services like SSL encryption and DDoS protection.


We are excited to be partnering with Google’s Cloud Platform and we will continue to work on tighter integration in the future to benefit our joint customers. Stay tuned!


You can read more about the Google-Limelight relationship on our website.

Online digital engagement has become integral to almost every aspect of our lives – from social interactions to business dealings, from learning to entertainment. The way in which we perceive, and interact with, the world increasingly takes place in the digital realm.


Yet the rapid evolution of this new digital frontier makes it increasingly difficult for organizations to deliver the kind of online experience audiences have come to expect. Content is more complex as images are increasingly superseded by video, static web pages make way for personalized experiences, and standard definition shifts to high definition (and even to ultra-high definition). There has been an explosion in the number and diversity of devices we use to consume this content and the places we want to consume it. And our increasing reliance on online digital content exposes organizations and online users to greater risk, as daily news reports of cyber crime and hacktivism attest.


In the face of all this, the question for organizations becomes how do we deliver rich digital content rapidly, reliably, securely and with high quality of experience (QoE) to global audiences anywhere, on any device?


That is precisely the challenge that Limelight Networks empowers organizations to address with our Limelight Orchestrate Platform.


Today, Limelight announced the release of Limelight Orchestrate V3.0 – one of the most significant product announcements in the company’s history. V3.0 includes wide-ranging product additions and enhancements that go a long way to enabling better QoE on the digital frontier in which we now live.


The Orchestrate V3.0 announcement covers several areas of new and improved functionality:

  • Security. The addition of a new DDoS protection product provides DDoS attack detection and mitigation in the cloud, offloading this burden from organizations delivering content online. The solution protects against the largest and most complex DDoS attacks at high performance, with rapid time to mitigation.
  • Video. V3.0 extends Limelight’s Multi-device Media Delivery (MMD) capabilities to include live video streams and video on-demand, simplifying video streaming to a wide variety of devices.
  • Storage. Limelight Orchestrate Storage, a cloud origin service designed to increase content availability and delivery speed, is already a performance leader. With V3.0, Orchestrate Storage provides even more flexibility when integrating into customer workflows, faster migration of content to the CDN, and improved response times.
  • Management and Control. V3.0 introduces several new capabilities:
    • SmartPurge is a new, near real-time purge capability that also provides feedback through validation and reporting.
    • A self-service capability has been added to the Control management portal so that customers can enter their own configurations in a matter of minutes, with global changes taking effect within 30 minutes.
    • New real-time reports provide up-to-the-minute summaries of traffic, network cache efficiency, status codes showing how the Limelight CDN and customer origin are responding to user requests, and geographical insight as to where traffic is originating.


In addition, Limelight has continued to invest heavily in our global network, increasing both reach and capacity, bolstering our place as a leading global CDN.


Discover how the Orchestrate Platform and Orchestrate Services can improve content delivery for you. In addition, stay tuned to this blog as we continue to discuss several areas of this announcement in more detail over the coming days!