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The newly released Orchestrate 3.0 platform makes it easier than ever to deliver your content globally, ensuring that files are available whenever users need to access them. Everywhere.


But what happens when you need to remove that content from user access? What happens when you need to manage content once it has been cached? What happens when you need to execute a purge?


Suppose you publish something by mistake, or need to update large amounts of content, or have file names that remain the same but the content within them changes regularly? Suppose you find yourself in a situation like Netflix recently did when  Season 3 of House of Cards was mistakenly leaked. Damage control can be a nightmare in those situations.


That’s why the ability to purge content immediately, worldwide, is critical.


Most CDNs will advise you to do one of the following:

  • Set a lower TTL to force refresh checks, which can hurt performance
  • Purge content laboriously, one URL at a time
  • Evict objects from cache and wait hours to see results


At Limelight, we could also give you that advice. But you need technology that is useful to your business—not more frustration or steps in your workflow.


SmartPurge is our latest innovation, a component of the Orchestrate 3.0 platform.


Our product team specifically architected SmartPurge to execute your purges rapidly and at global scale in seconds.


Regardless of where your users are, SmartPurge stops stale content from being served to them right away. You can target files by URL or target groups of files and even whole directories. Programmatic caching options give you more control while improving business operations.


You get assurance that when you submit a purge request, content is removed from the user’s path right away, saving you operational headaches and adverse revenue impact.


View my Introducing SmartPurge video >

smjpurge video.png


I am excited to share the technical details of how SmartPurge technology works. Follow my blog for more detail such as how to replace RegEx with patterns in SmartPurge, or download the SmartPurge brief for more.


And be sure to check out Dan Rayburn’s review of SmartPurge over at