Orchestrate 3.0- Game Over for Buggy Game Releases

Blog Post created by ablanchard on Mar 18, 2015

To understand one of the outstanding features of Limelight Networks new Orchestrate’s 3.0, it’s important to first look back at some real life game release nightmares.  New game releases are always at risk of carrying an unknown bug that only shows up deep into the game.  Consider some of the horror stories of the late 90’s when memory leaks caused some games to slow down the longer you played them!  Or the game with a bug that caused it to self-delete when you saved it after a 150+ hours of play along with all your trophies and points…Or the game that actually corrupted Windows system files on your computer when you loaded it.  Nightmares like this are getting less frequent, in part due to even more sophisticated beta testing.  However, the blended  worlds of single and multi-player gaming can introduce unforeseen challenges that even beta tests have a hard time isolating.  Witness the recent bugs afflicting Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Destiny, and Unity from Assassin’s Creed.


To combat these problems gaming companies had two things going for them -- and now Limelight Networks has added a third.  First, gamers are getting more used to games that may take a couple of releases to get to final version.  Maybe they are not happy with this new status quo, but at least they are used to it, now that even major brands are into multiple updates.  Second,  sophisticated download management techniques available from Limelight and others help mitigate the actual time delay waiting for the new version, even if it’s 60 GB’s or more in final form.  A launch partner like Limelight will work with your game launcher to get your gamers happily playing with just the critical execution files downloaded, while remaining files download quietly in the background.  And now, Limelight Networks offers a third tool for managing multiple releases, its new SmartPurge digital asset control and management software featured in Orchestrate 3.0.   SmartPurge provides near real-time removal of game files or other digital content from cache. Items that are removed from cache become globally inaccessible even while all cache copies are being deleted.  So a publisher’s changeover to a new release version is virtually instantaneous.  No more worry that a faulty game file is lingering out there for your unsuspecting gamers to find at just the wrong time.


Every developer hopes their game will go viral and get downloaded by millions of players.  But when a a a bug sneaks in, millions of unsuspecting players can get stuck with it overnight.  The good news is that Orchestrate 3.0’s digital asset control and management software provides near real-time removal of content (through URL or content patterns rather than just regular expression) from cache. Content that is removed from cache becomes globally inaccessible even as objects are being deleted. This ensures objects are unavailable to audiences during the purge process.SmartPurge , cleanup is a whole lot easier, faster, and more secure than ever before.