What Goes Into a Successful Esports Tournament?

Blog Post created by ablanchard on Feb 25, 2016


Join me and Fnatic CEO, Wouter Sleijffers, in an exciting and informative dive into how professional players prepare for a globally streamed live championship tournament. Learn role interaction with fans, publishers and developers plays in the preparation.


Live Webinar March 3





Together we will cover attracting fans and what it takes to bring the event to millions of fans around the globe simultaneously. You'll hear about the broadcast infrastructure  that's required to meet the intense performance and availability requirements. Live events specialists from Cedexis and Limelight Networks will discuss how to ensure a flawless and engaging viewing experience for your fans around the globe.


The webinar will cover:

  • How professional player teams from Fnatic prepared for the League of Legends World Championship
  • How fans, publishers, and developers interact with professional players
  • How to ensure your live Esports event has the right infrastructure to deliver excitement to all your fans
  • Tips for safeguarding your investment in a live event


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