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Blog Post created by bhalle on May 15, 2015

As a technical writer, I often drop the "technical" on the weekends and get creative. Since it's Friday, the following is a lighthearted LimeHow tidbit on ways that you can do the same.


Haiku is a traditional Japanese form of poetry. It traditionally has a structure (in English) of three lines kept to 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 again for the final line. Like the Limelight network, Haiku is clean and efficient and one is encouraged to be inventive and original. The goal is to "capture and distill a fleeting image" just like Instagram. See, you thought Haiku was old stuff.


There are two guides to creating a moving Haiku.

1. Show a juxtaposition such as something large with something small.


Terabytes per sec

Limelight hit traffic record

Blink! You got data


2. Illustrate how the environment relates to the human condition.


Birds Of A Feather

90 in Tempe next week

Sticky visitors


Now go to your weekend with creative purpose. Send me your Haiku in comments and it may make next Friday's blog.