The Friday Blog - Purge Is No Longer a Scourge!

Blog Post created by bhalle on Aug 7, 2015

I can hear the collective, “Whaaaa?” No one uses that word any more. First of all, it’s pronounced skurj. A scourge is a means of inflicting punishment or suffering. There are many examples of scourges. Vikings were a scourge if they were after you with a pointed stick or a sword. It wasn’t so bad if you actually were a Viking. In fact, there were probably many fun times out on the boat.  More modern scourges include diets, graffiti and clothing for dogs.


We’re always talking about how quickly we want to load content. But it’s just as important to be able to delete it fast and efficiently. Claire Kirlin has written a great post on Connect about Limelight’s SmartPurge. She gives several examples of companies listing the wrong price or uploading conflicting information which needed to be revised or removed immediately.


The need to delete is more common than you might think. You don’t want your users to see outdated, incorrect or conflicting content. When you catch it, you want to delete it.


When you upload, your information is stored on edge servers all over the globe. This is done so that your users can access it at top speed. So when you need to revise it or delete it quickly, you’ve got to execute a purge. Normal purges can take hours to detect and remove content from individual servers around the world. That’s scourgy.


Limelight’s SmartPurge covers the globe quickly and easily and it gives you amazing control over your content.

It’s programmed through APIs or a GUI.
We have 24/7 support via phone or email.
You get scourge-free peace of mind knowing that a mistake can be fixed fast.


Let SmartPurge be your sword. Then you can tame the purge scourge.