Not If But When

Blog Post created by bhalle on Aug 21, 2015

Another high profile DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is in the news. Mumsnet, a British parenting site, was targeted last week. The DDoS assault logged 17,000 requests per second compared to the site’s normal 50 to 100 requests. The company’s administrative accounts were accessed as well.


The Damage

Visitors to the Mumsnet homepage were redirected to a Twitter account set up by the attacker. The account was posting “RIP Mumsnet” messages. Mumsnet posts were re-edited and fake messages were posted on forums under real user names. All user passwords had to be reset. Mumsnet has 7.7 million members.


It Gets Worse

A Mumsnet co-founder was swatted. A SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) attack is when the perpetrator calls emergency services to report a serious crime (such as a hostage situation) at the target’s home. Caller ID spoofing makes the call appear to come from the residence. The SWAT team shows up with large guns and larger dogs.  This evil idea likely began with gamers who would become annoyed with another player. They would unearth the other player’s personal information and call the police while the player was live-streaming their gameplay. The police bursting through the door as well as the player’s terror were all caught on their web cam. It’s happened to celebrities like Lil Wayne and Miley Cyrus as well.


First the Good News

Limelight’s Orchestrate Security features DDoS Attack Interceptor. With the DDoS attack mitigated, your business won’t be distracted from other attempts to compromise company accounts. You’ll avoid the extended downtime and high traffic costs that a DDoS attack can cause.


Now the Bad News

We can’t help if you’re swatted. But if you ever run into Lil Wayne at Starbucks, the two of you will have a lot to talk about.