The Birth of a New Demographic - The Yuccie

Blog Post created by bhalle on Sep 4, 2015

In an effort to stay on top of emerging terminology, I’m going to introduce you to the Yuccie. If you’re like me, you heard too much about the Boomer, couldn’t relate to the Yuppie and recently attended the Hipster’s funeral. (I’m really gonna miss those coffee-brewing pseudo-lumberjacks with their artisan goji butter spreads made in Brooklyn.)


David Infante has tagged this new beast in an article on Mashable. He has self-identified as a Yuccie so he’s the top authority on them.  Yuccie stands for Young Urban Creatives. They’re a subset of Generation Y. They grew up in the suburbs but live in the city. They attended college but many went full immersion entrepreneur after being graduated.  The thing that sets them apart is that they want to make money from their own creativity. They don’t want to work on someone else’s ideas. They don’t even want to profit handsomely from something that they haven’t gestated and given birth to in their brains.


Want to know if you’re a Yuccie? Or better yet, how to market to them? Check out this Buzzfeed list of 99 things Yuccies love. Know what they hate (other than voicemails)? They hate to wait. Except in food truck lines but that’s a different industry. Check out this Limelight infographic to find out more about the speed we can bring to you and your Yuccie customers. Let’s work together to enable more Instagram accounts for Yuccie pets.