A No-Drama Migration

Blog Post created by bhalle on Sep 18, 2015

It seems like content is always moving. No matter where you thoughtfully place content, within weeks or months, it’s got to be put somewhere else. A part of your business might reorganize and your data needs to be consolidated. Then there are mergers and break ups which cause content to be added or taken away. Sometimes you realize that content is like Cousin Billy’s weekends or Aunt Jana’s marriages. You might need to keep some things around for a sound alibi or if the IRS comes knocking but the rest has got to go.


You’ll soon be able to leave the drama behind and take advantage of Limelight’s MediaMover.


MediaMover simplifies migration of origin content to Limelight’s cloud storage and enables you to choose between either transparent or directed file ingest. In the transparent method, cache misses on URLs trigger automatic copying of content to Orchestrate Storage. In the directed method, customers can provide Limelight with a content library and, when resources and time permit, files are copied to cloud storage passively -  without human intervention - putting control in your hands.


We also ensure that live content is mobile-ready and viewable when, where and how viewers want it. We have device detection with secure automatic transcoding to all popular formats, including MPEG-DASH.


MediaMover is part of the Limelight Orchestrate solution for Media and Broadcasters which includes:

  • SmartPurge: Real-time purge makes content inaccessible globally even as it is being deleted from caches, accurately purging unwanted content from the global CDN within seconds.
  • Multi-Device Media Delivery (MMD) Live: Stream live media to multiple device platforms simultaneously. Limelight automatically transcodes or transmuxes digital content depending on the requesting device.
  • MediaMover: Regardless of library or file size, you can easily and efficiently migrate origin content to Limelight’s cloud storage. By storing popular assets in Orchestrate storage, media and broadcaster organizations can protect their origin from request spikes and improve the performance on cache miss through CDN-accelerated retrieval from cloud storage. Available later in 2015.
  • DDoS Attack Interceptor: Detects and mitigates network and application layer DDoS attacks.
  • Automatic Transcoding: Ensures live content is mobile-ready and viewable when, where and how viewers want it. MPEG-DASH is now supported along with all popular formats.


Don’t swim upstream against the current of content and end up like this salmon. Talk to your account manager about MediaMover today.