OTA is IoT's BFF*

Blog Post created by bhalle on Oct 2, 2015

(*Translation: Over The Air and the Internet of Things are braiding each other’s hair in preparation for world domination)


OTA is a method of programming or distributing software and configuration updates using several wireless transfer methods such as Wi-Fi or even an SMS. Simply put, OTA means wireless. IoT refers to physical objects which have imbedded software or network connectivity.


As Shubham Mehrotra mentioned in his excellent article, “Over-The-Air (OTA) Software Updates: Is your business ready?”, OTA was recently used by Tesla to provide a software update which mitigated a potential problem with the car’s charger plug. Tesla CEO Elon Musk was not happy that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) referred to the incident as a recall. He pointed out that “recall” refers to the consumer having to return a product to be repaired or replaced and his customers had no such inconvenience.


Musk tweeted “the word ‘recall’ needs to be recalled.” Good one, Elon.


The NHTSA’s former chief David Strickland is even funnier. He said, “Tesla is able to change vehicle dynamics and make vehicle changes from the sky.” If he thinks about OTA and the cloud at the same time, does his sky get darker or brighter?


While it seems pretty incredible that your car can be repaired without you doing anything, remember that many devices have been updating this way for years. When was the last time you took your smartphone into the shop for an update? Laptops and tablets receive similar wireless updates. Pretty soon, your refrigerator and treadmill may do the same. The Wiki article on IoT says that there are electric clams. If you have those in your saltwater pond then you know all about this stuff.


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