The Tale of One Online Boomer

Blog Post created by bhalle on Oct 30, 2015

Did you read @Jason Thibeault’s great article about the 2015 State of the User Experience Report? One of the amazing things he highlights is the fact that suddenly it’s Baby Boomers, not Millenials, who are spending the most time online.


I’m a Boomer. At least the government says I am. I think I have more of a GenX vibe and a Millenial cut to my jib but my use of the words vibe and jib probably tells you that I’m a Boomer.  I think Napoleon Dynamite is the movie that best represents me but that’s because the whole setting is 1966, regardless of when it was filmed.  The truth is that I pulled my tube socks up as high as anybody, said no one would remember Donnie Osmond and thought rock and roll would never die. I believed I was born to run but it looks like I was born to be online.  And play tetherball.


Boomers are the biggest contributors to rating products and services.  We also love to complete surveys. We have opinions and we’re not afraid to use them for the greater good. Plus no one at home is listening since they’re all on their devices. Even the dog is watching a squirrel video. The internet is rapidly becoming our friend who cares what we think.


I’m not terribly addicted to my smartphone and my social media interaction is only work-related. But I get 90% of my news from my tablet and make at least 40% of my purchases online. I spend hours on the internet each week reading in-depth news articles, opinions and personal stories.  At one point, I wondered where I found the time to do so much internet surfing. Then I realized that I used to read fifteen or twenty books each year and now only finish about three.  I’ve downgraded to basic cable because I watch almost no TV.


In honor of the Boomer’s love for providing their opinions, take this survey to see if you’re a boomer at heart.

  1. Are you still occasionally amazed that you can drag icons around with your finger?
  2. When watching regular TV, do you ever scream, “I can’t take these (NSFW word) commercials!”
  3. If you have a choice between streaming a baby panda video and cleaning the bathroom, do you choose the video?


If you said yes to #1, you’re a Boomer. If you said yes to #2, you’re a human. If you said yes to #3, I’m not going to get judgy on that. You know who you are.

tetherball dogs.jpg


Can you believe that there wasn’t a single photo on the internet of baby pandas playing tetherball?


For more stats, check out this article about Baby Boomers Online at Immersion Active: