That Is The Question

Blog Post created by bhalle on Dec 4, 2015

To Be Real or Not To Be Real? That Is the Question.


The Oculus Rift headset will go on sale during the first quarter of 2016. That means we’re all standing at the edge of a new media – virtual reality (VR). VR will cause our current videos to look quaint like old newspapers that used drawings before photography. Or maybe like newspapers in general. VR will spawn a whole new set of “back in the day” stories that reminisce about YouTube videos the way Grandpa used to talk about walking ten miles to school, uphill each way.


“Why, in my day, our videos were so flat and compressed that I honestly couldn’t tell if the kitten’s pillow was foam or feathers.”  Get out, Grandpa, you’re making that up.


This new media is a big change for the average person and a massive change for gamers.  Their games will change from a small screen to a 360 degree panorama that responds to every tilt of their head. And if you get how big a change that is, think about what a doctor can see with the headset when she’s performing surgery on you. Think about kids learning about the Great Barrier Reef in school and actually feeling as though they’re gliding through it.


That’s what a rift is. It’s an opening made by splitting or cleaving (your brain). It’s a fissure or a cleft (in your way of thinking). It’s an opening that provides clarity (what’s this gonna cost me?).  It’s real but it’s not. It’s already hurting my head to think about it.


Just because it’s imaginary doesn’t mean it’s not real. – T. L. Rese


Even if the first few prototypes do poorly in the marketplace, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, says, "People now understand that good virtual reality that tricks your subconscious is possible. They understand that it's within the realm of possibility to make something that is as real as the real world. If enough people know that, we're never going to stop. We are going to make this happen."


The unreal will become real in a few months. See you in the headset!

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