Star Wars Impacts Internet Traffic

Blog Post created by bhalle on Dec 18, 2015

Star Wars is having a big impact on internet traffic in Europe, but not the way you might expect. It’s not an increase in social media posts or searches for tickets and reviews. In fact, in the 12 hours after the first screenings, internet traffic in the UK was down more than 5% and in France, traffic was almost 11% below average. It seems that fans don’t want their Star Wars experience spoiled. They’re purposely NOT using the net so that they don’t find out what happens in The Force Awakens.


Google Chrome even introduced an app to block spoilers. Don’t you wish you’d thought of that?


As we head into the holidays, may the Force be with you and the spoilers be few and far between. And here’s a little gift link for you. Click here to go to Wookieepedia for incredible details from every Star Wars movie. But be warned – it’s full of spoilers!

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