The Remote Is Becoming More Remote

Blog Post created by bhalle on Jan 22, 2016

Streaming Media published the highlights of a keynote address given by Robert Kyncl, chief business officer of YouTube, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.


Kyncl stated that the youngest millennials watch more digital video than TV. He says that video will grow exponentially because:

  • It’s made to be mobile.
  • There’s no fighting over the remote and what gets watched on a single TV.
  • Viewing choices are much more diverse than with TV.
  • Video and music are entwined. Performers profit from views of their videos and millennials love to follow their favorite artists via video.
  • Video is more immersive than TV and 360-degree videos are becoming very popular.


One item in that list caught my attention. Yep, it was that business about the remote. I remember when my grandparents bought a TV with a remote which we called The Clicker. It only had four buttons and made a loud CLICK-ER sound when used, thus the name. (On that same onomatopoeic note, when you open a can, does it go “pop” or does it go “soda”? Then stop calling it soda.)


The Clicker was an amazing thing. Us kids didn’t have to get up every five minutes to change the channel for an adult. We no longer had to sit up against the TV and constantly change between the five channels which were available.  We still had to turn the TV on and off but the channels and volume were handled by a bossy adult and we were out of the loop.


The current remotes have buttons I’ve never used. And there are four remotes instead of one. Still, it’s hard to think of them going away as we move toward individual viewing on our devices. I’ll stick to my paper books and remote for as long as possible but I’m ready to jump into that 360-degree video world. Here’s some 360-degree football for all of the fans with nothing to watch this weekend.

Zenith remote.jpg


The Clicker