Can't Decide? Vote for Technology!

Blog Post created by bhalle on Mar 11, 2016

If you live in the United States, politics is everywhere these days.  It seems like there’s a debate or a primary every other day.  There’s lots of trash talk and misinformation which is making it hard for people to decide which candidate will get their vote. I say, vote for technology!


Political campaign technology is the real frontrunner. It started back in 2004 when the Howard Dean campaign raised funds straight from voters using digital media.  At that time, it was groundbreaking to sidestep the Democratic National Committee and communicate directly with voters. Dean lost, but the use of social media scored a big win.


Tech Republic interviewed campaign advisor Joe Trippi about the moves he made with Dean’s campaign. Trippi credits social media with shifting power from the established experts on TV and radio and putting public opinion into the election.  According to Trippi, in 2012, social media began losing ground to big data as the main campaign influencer.

The Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee both use data and analytics to predict votes and target voters.  ZDNet talks about the way predictive analytics helped Obama and data analysis errors hurt Romney in 2012.


Does this focus on technology move the political power from Washington DC to Silicon Valley? Maybe.  When you think of lobbyists, it’s easy to picture finance, health and energy interests in that group.  However, lists of top ten lobbyists for 2015 include Google. notes that TV and radio no longer control the discussion and lists the top technology influencers in the political arena.


Contently reminds us that even before the internet, the politician with the most access to the voter database (via telephone or mail) had the advantage. The database is now a whole lot bigger. Want to feel like a winning winner? Throw your vote behind technology.


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