It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like SmartPurge

Blog Post created by bhalle on Aug 26, 2016

Of course, the holiday known as Christmas has always been on December 25. But there was a time when the event I’ll call “Consumer Christmas” was also in December.  It used to be the Saturday before December 25 when everyone would rush to the store to do their last minute gift shopping.


Then Black Friday gained steam. The day after U.S. Thanksgiving has been considered the unofficial first day of the holiday shopping season since 1932. If you don’t work in retail, you might take the day off to nurse a turkey hangover and end up shopping for pre-Christmas bargains.


The imaginary “Christmas in July” has been around since the 1940s. There’s no particular date since the whole month is fair game. Shopping channels love to sell holiday items six months before you need them, and Santa is wearing shorts to tell you what a great deal he has on that car you want.


Online commerce has to be ready to respond to heavy volume during these traditional shopping blitzes. In addition, online retailers have expanded the shopping calendar with events such as Cyber Monday and Amazon’s Prime Day. This doesn’t just affect the retailers of “gift” items. Shoppers are checking sites for product reviews and to find where to grab coffee while they’re out.


Maybe every day is Christmas? In a global survey by PwC, 54% said that they buy products online weekly or monthly and 34% agree that their mobile phone will become their main purchase tool.  (Note that PwC does not stand for Pretty Wonderful Christmas. It’s Pricewaterhouse Coopers.)


Is your site ready for this kind of traffic? Limelight website and application acceleration features can help you with volume and speed every day, no matter how busy. We’re like Santa except our bag is filled with the gift of lightning speed and pinpoint manageability.  And our SmartPurge makes it easy for rapid and comprehensive changes to any content on your websites and apps like images and other data that Limelight is caching, helping you manage all the prices and availability changes for your products.  SmartPurge has the capability to remove more than three terabytes of cached content in less than five seconds, making your website changes near instant. Maybe you should establish Christmas in August and treat yourself to SmartPurge.


Christmas Basket.jpg

That’s so nice but I had my heart set on SmartPurge.