The Hidden Marketing Channel – Connected Device and Software updates

Blog Post created by charliekraus on Jun 22, 2015

Ask ten people what they think of as an Internet connected device, and most will respond with smart phone or tablet. Not a surprise, and justified by the fact that these mobile connected devices are driving device industry growth. But there are some pretty significant other types of connected devices in the market as well. Think broadly here: In the consumer segment we have smart TVs, set-top boxes, game consoles, portable GPS, smart home devices, cars and trucks, health and fitness devices, smart watches, as well as commercial devices for retail POS, security, transportation, industrial, smart infrastructure, and health care.


The manufacturers of these devices have a built-in marketing channel directly to the users – over the air updates. Almost all connected devices require code updates – to add new features, fix bugs, patch security vulnerabilities, etc. These are a tremendous marketing opportunity to strengthen a brand. Let’s look at a few examples:

  • One morning in May 2015, Tesla car owners turned on their cars and were greeted by a message on the information screen stating that overnight their control software was updated, and a new button appeared on the info screen called “Insane” that lowered their 0-60 mph acceleration time from 5 seconds down to 3.5 seconds. How many owners do you think tried out this capability on their morning commute? Fun! Learn More

                Tesla accelerate.png                            Video image.png                                      Printer image.png


  • A TV set top box receives an overnight update with improved menu look/feel and navigation. As part of the update, several new movie channels will be enabled with several free movies on demand over the next 30 days.
  • A printer manufacturer as part of a driver update could have a short file print a coupon for discounts on ink cartridges in partnership with an office supply store.

Besides these types of marketing activities, another opportunity presents itself in the experience the user has when software updates are downloaded. Any touch point with a user is a chance to enhance your brand, whether it’s delivering an awesome download experience, or just having the user interact with your web site.


So, what’s the best way to assure the best possible experience for your end users? Limelight’s Software and Device Manufacturers Solution combines the power and reach of one of the world’s largest private content delivery networks (CDN) with a purpose-built intelligent platform to deliver your digital files reliably and securely to any device, anywhere in the world. Learn more about Limelight’s Orchestrate for Software and Device Manufacturers Solution Here on the Limelight website.