Cord Cutting Isn’t Just for Millennials Anymore

Blog Post created by charliekraus on Sep 20, 2016

During a recent visit to my 90+ year old mother, I was surprised to find her out on the deck with a large tablet watching the US Open tennis match. I was instantly curious. Hmm, no wires. So I had to ask what’s up. My mother explained that she just had a new router with WiFi installed, and that she cancelled her pay TV service. This wasn’t about saving money, as the internet-only service wasn’t much lower than the bundle with pay TV. It’s all about flexibility in where and how she watches her programs. Now she carries the tablet around and uses ear buds, which have made hearing much easier for her. She loves the on-demand style of watching favorite shows.


Her OTT services of choice are Netflix and Hulu, plus TV network websites for VOD content of popular shows. Based on our most recent State of Online Video survey, my mother’s behavior is quite like a millennial’s.




While I was watching the Thursday Night Football game on Twitter yesterday, I texted my mother and she confirmed she was doing the same thing, from the comfort of her bed. I look forward to seeing what other online video programming she discovers and adopts. The saying that those who have not “cut the cord” are watching TV like a 90 year old, sure doesn’t apply to my mother.