How Does Dailymotion Deliver Billions of Videos to Millions of Users Globally?  Here's How:

Blog Post created by debbyhohler on Feb 17, 2016

Want to learn how Dailymotion, one of the biggest platforms for watching and sharing videos across the world is delivering broadcast quality video to its 300 million users monthly, who watch 3.5 billion videos?


Facing the challenge of how to cost effectively provide high quality streaming globally, the team at Dailymotion conducted real-time user testing to evaluate several content delivery networks (CDNs).   Vital factors for selecting a CDN were speed and quality.  Dailymotion’s in-depth testing evaluated average throughput, re-buffering rates, and time to first byte, specifically in APAC. When put to the test, Orchestrate Delivery demonstrated the best quality video and overall streaming, as well as one of the highest cache-hit ratios.


“We believe that video is the best way to capture and share life’s incredible variety. As our global business expands into more markets it’s important for us to offer the best video experience to our viewers around the globe. When put to the test, Limelight was able to provide Dailymotion with the best streaming experience in APAC to support our rapid expansion in the region.”

– Guillaume Clement, VP Engineering at Dailymotion 


To read more details, here’s a copy of the press release and a detail case study can be found here.