8 Intriguing Stats about Young Millennials and Online Video

Blog Post created by jthibeault on May 7, 2015

In our recent survey, The State of Online Video, we discovered some startling facts about younger Millennials (ages 18-25) and their behavior with online video:

  1. On average, they watch 2x to 3x more video than everyone else.
  2. Over 40% indicated they would cut the cord with their pay-TV subscriber if the price keeps going up.
  3. Over 40% subscribe to one OTT service, and almost 20% subscribe to at least two.
  4. The majority are willing to let a video buffer three times before abandoning it.
  5. The PC/laptop is the leading device to consume online videos but the smartphone is a close second.
  6. 73% were okay with advertising in online video as long as they could skip it.
  7. Over 60% primarily share their videos online on Facebook.
  8. The most watched kind of online video content is TV shows followed closely by movies.


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