Sneak Peek: Whom Do We Blame When Downloading Is Slow?

Blog Post created by jthibeault on May 22, 2015

We are all downloading content to our connected devices. Software. Updates. Movies. TV Shows. Games. Music. But that download experience is far from ideal every time. In fact, depending upon to which network we are connected, it may be downright abysmal. The question then becomes, "whom do we blame?"


In a new, upcoming consumer study (tentatively titled, The State of Connected Devices), we asked over 1000 consumers from the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and Singapore, that exact question: "When you have trouble downloading, whom do you hold responsible?" The results are below.




What we found was very interesting. As you can see by the graph, over 40% of respondents felt that it was their Internet Service Provider (ISP) who was to blame. It would seem that the ISP is the villain here, at least according to the majority of our respondents. And, of course, that would include mobile carriers as well.


Equally surprising, though, is that about 30% blame the software vendor.


Perhaps what this graph tells us most of all isn't just that there is a single place to point a finger, it's that consumers want to point a finger in the first place. Because, according to the data, approximately 75% of all respondents indicated that someone (or something) was to blame.


Now when we slice this data according to the three demographic segments we surveyed (Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers), everything is status quo until the Boomers. Although the 40% blaming the ISP seems to hold steady (sorry, providers), Boomers are far more likely to blame no one (35% vs. 25%), far less likely to blame to device (15% vs. 25%), and far less likely to blame the software vendor (22% vs. 30%). Is that because Boomers are just more forgiving? The answer remains to be uncovered...


What can organizations that deliver digital content take from this? Well, if you have something that users want to download, staying out of their "point-the-finger" crosshairs means providing a delivery experience that is consistent, reliable, and available. In other words, don't give them any reason to blame anyone!