What Happened to the Future of Interactive, Immersive Video?

Blog Post created by jthibeault on Jul 16, 2015

Below is an excerpt from the first piece in my new column, "Future in Focus," for Streaming Media Magazine. In this article, I talk about how we have marginalized the conversation about online video in favor of just duplicating the television experience; and how we need to take the conversation back because online video, as an interactive an immersive medium, has a lot more potential than just "sit down, shut up, and watch."


Ten years ago, had you asked the question, “What will the future of video be?” most people would have painted you a picture straight out of Minority Report—a personalized, interactive experience in which viewers can engage with the objects in the video by clicking on them. But look at the conversations we have about video today—which tend to revolve around generating money from advertising revenue—and you quickly realize that we’ve lost the vision that was driving the industry. We’ve reduced the powerful Tomorrowland aspect of online video to a business discussion.


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