Partners that Make a Difference

Blog Post created by mirjanan on May 26, 2015

In life, as in business, partnerships matter. Last week I was reminded about great partners on a personal and professional level.


On the personal front, my mother flew up from Florida to spend a few weeks with my family, mainly to give me more time to focus on some time-intensive projects at work. Mom has always been an amazing partner in my life. If she isn't already two steps ahead trying to pave a smoother path for me, she will be two steps behind ready to catch me when I fall. She has been my greatest champion and is the main person I credit for teaching me how to love deeply and look at life with enthusiasm and passion. But, before I get too sappy here, my point is that everything is easier when mom is around. I'm more efficient and effective and my quality of life just blossoms in her presence.


On the professional front, Limelight is the partner who was two steps ahead of me last week when I needed to crank on a project, and I was reminded once again why the Limelight video platform is simply amazing! Ever since we started using Orchestrate to help grow our digital library, our team has been much more efficient. Everything from quick 10min uploads of new video (which used to take at least two hours/video!) to having a quick view of important analytics, to easily viewing videos by category has helped my team give more sales tools to our agents over the past year - and everyone is noticing the difference! But last week, in particular, I had to upload a batch of 20 videos, and I was thrilled to find that I was able to quickly upload all 20 without issue. This may not be news for many in the community who have probably uploaded larger batches of video, but for me it was a shiny new toy that reminded me of the value of our Limelight partnership.


Limelight has helped us improve our workflow and helped us curate more successful experiences for our internal sales team as well as our clients.


And just like life with mom, the partnership with Limelight helps create a stress free quality of life, because I know that the Limelight team will be leaps ahead of me to help pave the way for a smooth experience, or right behind me to help fix a problem should one arise. Thanks team!