Making Magic Happen

Blog Post created by mirjanan on Oct 21, 2015

Today was the first day of the MarketingProfs B2B conference in Boston, and these people know how to "Make Magic Happen!"


The morning session started with an amazing band that got everyone revved, and MarketingProfs Chief Content Officer Ann Handley surprised the standing room only crowd by joining the jam session with an accordion. She is one unique and sassy lady and she set the tone for a magical day.


But beyond great keynotes and presentations, inspiring chats, music and food, the highlight of my day was co-presenting with Limelight's very own Jason Thibeault. We had a pretty solid turnout for our Teach Me How session on Using Compelling Videos for Engagement, and it was great to work alongside a true speaking pro, and I know a little something about great speakers. Take a look at this quick clip to see how we tried to get the crowd jazzed!


The most difficult part of the session for me was trying to reign in my enthusiasm for the Limelight platform. Yes, yes, we had to play nice and respect the fact that another OVP was a sponsor at this event, so I couldn't just gush about Limelight Orchestrate, but I think I sent a pretty strong message through my demonstration. And one of the attendees came up after the session and asked me why I chose Limelight over other players, and the #1 answer was...you got it - CUSTOMER SERVICE! I was able to explain that beyond a great platform, what I really needed was a partner that would be in my corner when I needed the extra attention or support and Limelight continues to shine brighter than all the rest!


Thanks again to everyone at Limelight for providing a great product, great service and just being so damn cool!


You know how to "MAKE MAGIC HAPPEN" too!