Limelight’s Trifecta of Success: Amazing Human Capacity, Superior Technology, and a Workspace Designed for Ground Breaking Ideas

Blog Post created by mirjanan on Feb 17, 2016

A little over a year ago, I was excited to fly to Tempe with a few colleagues as we were embarking on a web redesign with a new company, but I was also excited to be heading to Limelight’s headquarters!


The Harry Walker Agency had already been partnered with Limelight for about two years, and I grew close to my support team from across the country, but now I finally had the chance for a face to face and I was eager to meet as many members of the extraordinary Limelight crew as possible.


I knew my extended Limelight family would welcome me with open arms, but I didn’t expect their headquarters to be an incredible oasis for creativity. Now I knew that Limelight had the trifecta of a success in the tech world – Amazing Human Capacity, Superior Technology, and a Workspace Created to Inspire Ground Breaking Ideas!


With a wall of patents and a NOC (Network Operations Center) that can rival the Pentagon’s War Room or NASA’s Command Center, I saw first-hand where the magic happens and why I have been able to rely on this stealth team to give us superior technology and support.


When I was originally vetting CDNs in 2011, some competitors warned me that Limelight was going through some changes in their c-suite and it was causing disruption across the board. And while such comments made me more vigilant during my calls, Limelight continued to impress me with their robust information and superior customer service even before we officially became customers. I ultimately knew that in order to manage a CDN partnership effectively, I needed a team that had an incredible support system, and they continually proved themselves with every communication large or small.


Since partnering with Limelight, I have had the pleasure of meeting Limelight’s CEO Bob Lento and I took the opportunity to tell him what the buzz was in the street back then, and he said that changes were necessary because Limelight really wanted to set itself apart not only as one of the leading CDNs, but also as the leader in customer service.


In the 4 years of HWA’s partnership with Limelight, I can attest to the fact that Limelight delivers speed, an amazing notification center, a superior solutions center, and a stellar team that solves problems effectively, efficiently and with the care of a partner who is right in the trenches with my team.


While in Tempe, I was happy to provide a video testimonial of my enthusiasm for Limelight, but I needed to write this post, because there is always, always more to be said about Limelight, because they continue to amaze me!


Thank you Team Limelight, for being the #1 CDN in the World!