Where to start, that is the question.

Blog Post created by smillerjones on Mar 10, 2015

Sometimes it's difficult to know where to start.  There are often a number of optics that can be used to look at any situation/challenge/opportunity when dealing with technology as a Product Manager (thats what I do here at Limelight), and the problem looks pretty different through all of them.


In the last years I have been lucky enough to present a number of webinars and speak at conferences, representing myself and Limelight Networks.  I enjoy the opportunity to talk about the technology that I have a part in shaping and producing for the market, and it's always nice to get in front of people to present it, because it makes me work through my thoughts systematically and make sure that they are clear, interesting (to more than just me I hope) and understandable.


Recently I had the opportunity to put forwards ideas for speaking at a number of conferences this year, and have done so.  I'm waiting to hear back on most of them with baited breath.  But after submitting them, I began to wonder if what I think is important to explain about Limelight specifically and CDN's and performance generally, is actually what other people are interested in.  Am I missing what you actually want to hear about?


So to the question.  If you, readers, were attending a conference where there were talks about delivering content, website and content performance and CDN technology, what would you find interesting? What talks would you attend?


I'm very much looking forward to exploring CDN technology and products in this blog with you all - what would you like to find out about?  Let me know, and we can start out together.